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Resource Center Questions

What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center is a support team based in Greystar’s corporate office dedicated to assisting you with your resident account and more. To learn more about how we can help you, click here.

How can I get in touch with the Resource Center?

We are happy to help you with your resident account. Follow this link to get in contact with our team.

Can additional furniture be brought into the apartment?

You are welcome to bring additional furniture with you, but don’t forget that all of our apartments are fully furnished. You are welcome to move the furniture around to best suit your preferences, however none of the furniture may be removed from the apartment. Most apartment types will include a bed frame, full-size XL mattress, desk, desk chair, soft seating, coffee table, television stand, dining table and dining chair.

Do I have a meal plan?

Meal plans are not offered at SouthSide Commons, but you may obtain a meal plan from campus. Full kitchens are available in all of our apartments.

Do I have to have a guarantor/co-signer?

A co-signer or guarantor is not required. If a student (including international students) does not have a guarantor, or doesn’t want to use a guarantor, then a security deposit can be paid instead. A security deposit is equal to one installment and is refundable at the end of the lease term assuming there is no outstanding balances or damage to the apartment.

Do you allow pets?

SouthSide Commons is a pet-friendly community! No more than one animal is permitted in a bedroom and no more than two animals are permitted in an apartment. Additional fees and restrictions will apply. Permission and approval must be given from the Leasing Office PRIOR to bringing a pet into your apartment.

How are roommates matched?

You may request other Lehigh University students to live with, or use the RoomSync application if you need help finding roommates. RoomSync is only available in our 4x2 apartments. Otherwise, you will be randomly matched based on your application answers on compatibility and living habits. With our roommate matching service, we can easily accommodate you—even if you don't have anyone to live with or enough roommates to fill an apartment. We have partnered with RoomSync to provide a modern matching platform where residents choose their own roommates. After you complete the leasing process you will be emailed a link to join our RoomSync network. You will then log in to RoomSync using Facebook, create a matching profile, and begin your search to find your new best friend - or roommate for starters. If you already have a roommate in mind, you can confirm your roommate request within RoomSync.

How can I apply for an apartment?

Please visit the Apply tab of our website.

Is SouthSide Commons considered on campus housing for Lehigh University?

No, SouthSide Commons is considered off-campus, but is the official housing partner of Lehigh University.

How close to campus are you?

SouthSide Commons is located on 444 Brodhead Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18015, right across the street from campus!

How does my student secure a spot for next fall?

For the first step, please complete an application on our apply tab. Leasing does take place on a first come, first serve basis. The only thing that will secure a spot is a fully executed lease!

How many people live there?

SouthSide Commons consists of 428 bed spaces. We have studio, two, three, and four bedroom apartments.

How quickly do I need to make a decision in order to secure a spot? Will it sell out?

All leases will be on a first come, first serve basis. You can contact our leasing office at 484-929-2408 or email [email protected] for information regarding availability. The earlier a decision is made, the better your chances of securing the floor plan and roommate requests.

If I am over 21 do I need a guarantor?

Yes. All leases are required to have a guarantor. If an approved guarantor cannot be obtained, Greystar will accept a security deposit of one (1) installment.

If I pay in full do I get a discount?

SouthSide Commons does not offer discounts for rent paid in full. However, prepayment gives you the peace of mind knowing that your account is in good standing at all times!

Is parking available?

We have a limited amount of reserved parking spaces available for lease on a first come, first served basis. All residents are added to the parking waiting list after their lease has been fully executed. You will be contacted the summer before your leasing starts if your name was reached on the waiting list and you will then be offered a spot. If accepted, a parking addendum would be added to your lease. SouthSide Common permits will be recognized by Lehigh Parking Services as a commuter permit with evening and weekend privileges. As such, the permit is valid in the following parking areas: - 4 hour short term parking areas located on the Mountaintop campus - Goodman commuter parking lot at all times - Faculty/staff parking areas after 4:00 PM and on weekends

What appliances are included in my apartment?

Each apartment includes full-size stainless-steel kitchen appliances (refrigerator with icemaker, stove/oven, dishwasher, microwave and garbage disposal). A full-size washer and dryer is also included in every apartment as well.

What community amenities will be available to my student?

Residents will have access to our modern fitness center, study and resident lounges, free printing, relaxing community courtyards with grill and fire pit!

What if I need to cancel my lease?

Leases are legal contracts for the said term. Residents are responsible for the entire term of the lease.Should you find another qualified student to takeover your lease, we offer lease re‐assignments for a $200 fee.

What is the application and service fee?

There is a $50 application fee and a $150 service fee. The application fee goes towards processing the background and credit screenings. The service fee is a one-time fee for the community amenities.

What is the cost?

Please visit our Floor Plans page or call us for our current rates.

What is the security like at SouthSide Commons?

SouthSide Commons is a fully secured community. Residents will have key fob access 24/7. Students will need to key into the building & elevators at all times. Security cameras are also present around the building as well as the Blue Light System from Lehigh University.

What lease terms are available at SouthSide Commons?

12 installment/year lease (August to end of July) and 10 installment/academic year (August to end of May).

What size are the beds?

Our beds are full‐size, extra‐long. We suggest you bring queen‐sized sheets, which will work well instead of paying higher prices for “special” sized sheets.

What utilities are included in my rent?

Our rental packages are all‐inclusive! HD cable, high‐speed internet, electric, water, sewer, gas & waste removal are all included.

When can I move in?

On the start date of your lease, or any time after the starting date.

When will my student have to put down a deposit?

If a student secures an approved guarantor then a security deposit will not need to be paid. If a student cannot secure an approved guarantor, a security deposit will be required. Security deposits are equivalent to one (1) installment and are due within 10 days of signing the lease.

When is my first payment due?

July 15th for new residents and August 1st for Renewals.

Will housing be for Lehigh Students only or non-students allowed to lease?

SouthSide Commons is exclusively for Lehigh University Juniors, Seniors and Grad Students. There will only be students living at SouthSide Commons.

Will there be Community Assistants?

Yes, SouthSide Commons will have Community Assistants located throughout the community. The CAs will be focused on community development and are available for lock-outs, after hour emergencies, programming and general administrative support for the building.

Will you send me a bill for each installment? How can it be paid?

We do not send any type of invoice for rent. However, after the first installment that is due on the month prior to your lease, all remaining rent is due on the first of the month starting in September.